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My Approach

I only take on engagements where I can truly help improve the results and make a difference to you and your organization.

Business leaders come to me when they are facing one or more of the following problems;

  1. Sales results are not where they need to be and the causes are not evident

  2. Sales turnover is unacceptably high and costly

  3. The sales team is not engaged and is not firing on all cylinders

  4. Sales are having trouble converting deals in the funnel from one stage to the next to close

  5. The sales team is challenged with differentiating themselves from the competitors in the field

  6. The investments that have been made to increase sales productivity have not paid off

I have come from street level selling to leading very small to large sales organizations.

I offer an authentic, candid, hands on approach to solving today's real sales challenges that are different in every single situation, one size never fits all.

I do this by rolling up my sleeves and asking questions that get at the heart of sales organization challenges.

I can also attend sales meetings, visit customers, meet with sales people, sales managers, sales executives and other stakeholders if need be.

I will give an analysis of the priority challenges and the opportunities for solutions that are most likely to give you the biggest bang for your investment resources to improve sales effectiveness. I can then offer to implement them or you can do that on your own.

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