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Customized speaking engagements (TEC, CEO Global Network).

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Brainstorming solution sessions on sales challenges, leadership, culture, & process



Sales Organization advising for CEO’s, Founders, and Sales Leaders.

Mark Welch Author of The Street Savvy Sales Leader

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Sales Leadership

Fractional/Part-time/Interim sales leadership best practises.



“Mark’s understanding of how to hire, structure and incent a sales organization to maximize results is unparalleled.  He provided my CEO Global network group executable actions based on their actual sales issues and led an insightful discussion on the adoption of best practices in building a “street savvy” sales organization.”

 John Piercy

President, Enercare Connections and CEO Global Network member

My Approach

I only take on engagements where I can truly help improve the results and make a difference to you and your organization.

Business leaders come to me when they are facing one or more of the following problems;

  1. Under performing Sales team - ie not meeting quota

  2. Sales turnover is unacceptably high and costly

  3. Sales are unsure of the conversations they need to have, how to add value, create urgency, and differentiate

  4. Lack of sales funnel efficiency - ie stale funnel

  5. Sales roles, accountable metrics, and processes are poorly defined

Develop people, processes, tools, and metrics to help you move faster in a more competitive manner

Ability to quickly define and fill in key gaps, and develop a sustainable growth sales strategy

Offer best practices based on hands on experience and research from a variety of organizations using a clearly defined sales organization assessment program

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