I just want my backyard tree trimmed ! How hard can it be?

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I talk and write a lot about building winning sales teams and how to conduct better sales conversations.

Well in this case, I am a buyer trying to decide on who to choose to trim by backyard tree that is slowly in decline.

How hard can it be, right?

Wrong !

So far I have had 4 different tree companies come by for an assessment and a quote, so far this is what I’ve got;

Prices ranging from $850 to $2,800 to trim the tree and prices from $1,800 to $4,500 to cut the entire tree down.

When I asked what kind of tree it is, get this --- I’ve gotten 4 different answers, poplar, manitoba maple, a mulberry, a weed tree. In each case I was dealing with a licenced, trained arborist.

Some have said just trim the dead wood out and the rest will live another several years, others said if you cut out the dead stuff the tree is going to die within another year

When I asked whether I needed a permit or not, 2 said no, 2 said yes for sure you need a permit

Here’s all I need;

Do I need to have it trimmed down, or do I need to cut the entire tree down for safety reasons, I don’t want to cut the entire tree down necessarily for environmental reasons (we need as many trees as we can get), when can you do it, do I need a permit, and how much is it going to cost

I am now more confused as a buyer than when I began my buying process,

So guess what, my decision is stalled. 

I don’t really know what to do. So I’m going to do some more research on my own, and maybe get a couple of more quotes to make sure I’m doing the right thing

I realize this is a consumer sale, and not a very complex one at that. But it’s an important one to me.


Just imagine in the B2B sales world with higher end more complex risky decisions, how confused a buyer can get receiving different answers, different stories, different solutions, and different pricing.

That’s the opportunity for the astute sales person – help the buyer make the right decision, help them thru the process

The huge lesson here, not once did any of the companies really try to get from me what I wanted or needed, and not once did any of the companies try to get a commitment from me, they provided a price and walked away. I just need help to make the right decision, and I am not price driven, I want confidence that my problem will be solved.

We in sales need to make sure we are not thinking about the product or service or price as much as we need to think about the buyer. How can we help them make the right decision, how can we help them thru their buyer journey.

I know we talk about this all the time, but talk is cheap, most of us don’t do it enough.

We need to work really really hard to actually put our minds into the minds of our customers, to try to understand how they are thinking.

We need to anticipate and question and learn from and about them so we can help them.

Before you pitch, prepare, think, and question, help your buyer decide

The next time you have a stalled deal, we often say we havn’t created enough urgency for the buyer, think also, have we helped them thru their buying thinking process.

I would love to hear your viewpoint on this topic, please feel free to comment.


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